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Employees of the Purchasing Department shall provide you with all necessary information about the possibility to submit offers and principles of participating in offer submissions.

Please contact the indicated persons – according to the scope of duties provided below – or send the request to the general address:

Purchasing DepartmentSector scope
Barbara Werelich
Purchasing Manager
tel. 71 33 51 178

  • Resources - cement, sand, gravel, grit, ash

  • Concrete additives - plasticizers, colorants

  • Transportation services - dump trucks, tarpaulins

  • Purchasing of car fleet

  • Electric energy

Witold Broczkowski
Procurement expert
tel. 71 33 51 114

  • Investment

  • Spare parts for machines.

  • Lining in mixers. Transportation tapes. Production forms.

  • Electric, automation, hydraulic and pneumatic elements.

  • Servicing and parts for forklifts and loaders.

  • Oils and greases. Fuels. Gas.

  • Transportation palettes, wooden elements.

  • Steel. Bearings. Filters. Chains. Engines.

  • Tools.

Anna Szałęga
Procurement expert
tel. 71 33 51 162

  • Services and marketing - advertising materials.

  • Packaging - stretch type foil, big-bag sacks, tape with logo etc.

  • Property protection and maintenance services.

  • Personal protection equipment, Health and Safety materials.

  • Food products and office materials.

  • Hotel services.

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