Architectural concrete

Multi-format concrete elements are a new collection in the Libet offer. The offer includes copyrighted products performed manually in the casting technology.

Pavement blocks and other elements of the Libet STAMPO line may be used as benches, terrace tiles, pavement tiles, decorative elements. Their form and function depends on the designer’s intentions. They may have the shape of any rectangle with the side length of up to 2m. The ordering person also makes the decision about the finishing work of the edges (beveling, rounding, or “mirror – like”).

The Libet STAMPO Collection is not available in mass sales yet and the technology of manufacturing those products differs from the one which is used to manufacture pavement blocks. Casting forms are created according to the project performed by the investor. Elements are formed from fluid concrete and are produced in series limited by the number of ordered elements. All products are created on the basis of the order which should include the properly measured drawing, quantitative specificatzion and the suggested realization deadline. The prototype and cost estimate precedes the realization. Basic elements are available in the selected Authorized Points of Sale.

Manually cast concrete slab measuring 120×40×10 cm constitutes perfect filling of the modern construction element. It may be successfully combined with other products from the Libet offer e.g. Monza and Maxim slabs or Quadro pavement blocks. They work great also as a construction element on grit or lawn.

The block of 50x50x50 cm is one of the elements of the Libet STAMPO collection. It may be also used as a table, it may show the path of the driveway or be a decorative element.

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