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Certification Program of the Libet Paving Companies

The design of the surface adjusted to individual needs of the investor and high quality surface material is an incomplete recipe for a perfect, aesthetic and functional and, first of all, lasting surface. What is also extremely important is professional production.

Libet emphasizes highest quality also when it comes to surface execution. Best professionals from their sector have the opportunity to acquire a Certificate of an Authorized Libet Paving Company, which shall ensure, among other things:

  • participation in special, closed practical-theoretical training
  • content-oriented and practical support in the scope of surface execution
  • current cooperation with the best Partners and Authorized Points of Sale
  • special offers on the following website: www.brukarze.pl include, among other things: entry into the catalogue of companies with special information about the Certificate
  • participation in competitions addressed to Libet Contractors, the main prize is professional paving equipment
  • the possibility to use special offers prepared only by Certified Contractors
  • publication of photographs of surfaces based on Libet products in marketing and information materials indicating the name of the Contractor (examples can be found in the Libet product catalogues).

Companies interested in obtaining the Certificate of Authorized Paving Company should express their willingness to participate in the program to the representative of a partnership program or Libet’s Authorized Point of Sales (information about the Libet Partners can be found in the “Where to buy?” tab) or directly – by sending appropriate information to the following address: brukarze@libet.pl
The Contractors who shall express their willingness to participate in the program shall take part in a special technical-practical training organized by the Libet company.

More information on the webpage www.brukarze.pl.

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