For the architect

Making arrangements for surroundings plays a relevant role in architectural projects perceptible both to individual and corporate customers.

Thinking about the aesthetic harmony between facilities and their surroundings we offer you a specific type of cooperation.

We offer you help of professional architects from out design departments whose knowledge and experience shall help you obtain the effect that seamlessly blends in with the style of the residence and is in tune with the latest trends of spatial arrangements. Around 100 investments have already been realized on the basis of the projects conducted so far in the whole country. They include commissions from private investors but also prestigious urban arrangements, among others: commissions from private investors but also prestigious urban arrangements including Shopping Malls, Arkadia, Złote Tarasy, IKEA in Janki, Sfera in Bielko Biała, Galeria Kazimierz in Kraków, Fashion House in Sosnowiec, rondo near the Katowicki Spodek.

You will learn more about our offer from the website: principles of cooperation. Visit us!

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