Description of the activity

On the Polish market, Libet S.A. is a leading producer of pavement blocks and other concrete surface materials.

According to PMR estimates, in 2013 Libet recorded an increase in the market share in the premium pavement market from 32 % to 34 %, which gives it, in this segment, a position of an unquestionable leader. At the same time, the Company has managed to increase its general market share from 19 to 22 percent and thus leveling the market share of its main competitor.
Products from the premium segment are addressed mainly to individuals while the products from the standard and industrial segment mainly satisfy the demand coming from infrastructure investments. The company’s offer includes also Libet Impressio terrace tiles, Libet Patio stone tiles and industrial products such as curbs and fringes, cobblestones and concrete tiles, openwork tiles and pile walls.

At present, the company manufactures in 15 plants on 26 production lines. Libet S.A. production facilities are characterized by high level of automation of the production processes. The group manufactures using modern technologies, high quality resources and diligently cares about health and safety of work.

Manufacturing plants of the Company are placed in regions with the biggest demand for pavement blocks. This allows for the cost optimization – transportation of products from the industrial segment is financially viable in the range of 150 km from the plant and in the range of 250 km in the case of products from the standard segment.

Libet has also a stable and diversified distribution network of recognizable Authorized Retail Outlets offering block-making-machine-manufactured concrete products. The company conducts also direct sales to companies dealing with road construction and to wholesalers and construction companies. As one of few producers of pavement blocks in Poland, Libet stimulates the demand by offering design and residence design services.

The biggest shareholder of Libet S.A. holding 30.06% of total shares is the Glaspin Consultants Limited with its seat in Limassol (Republic of Cyprus). Legg Mason holds 15.42% of shares,ING PTE S.A. 12.33%, PKO OFE 7,72% and the remaining 34,47% belongs to stock market investors.

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