Exhibition Garden in Libiąż

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It is the second (after Łódź) exhibition garden made by Libet.

It is located on the territory of the production facility in Libiąż (Małopolskie Voivodeship) it covers the area of 1.5 thousand square kilometers, with 1.2 thousand square kilometers consisting of paved surfaces and landscaping architecture. The surfaces include lush greenery, which in a natural way harmonizes with and underlines the colors and texture of tiles and pavement blocks.

Alice in the wonderland zone

This is the most mysterious and refined part of the Libiąż garden. Just as in the Lewis Carroll’s novel: “Alice in the wonderland” it includes many mysterious places, astonishing compositions and charm.
Just as small Alice suddenly thrown into the land of magic, so do you “follow the white rabbit”, led by the willingness to discover surprises that await you. The Alice zone has many colors – bronze and beige form an interesting melange mix with the bright and dark tones of gray. The zone includes also fantastic forms – whirling wheels of different sizes that combine into mysterious compositions, the alleyway meanders leading through this fantastic world filled with magic.

The elements encountered along the way are intriguing and do not immediately come across as utilitarian. The surface material used in the Alice zone as well as the lighting products reflect the mood of the borderline between dream and reality.

Classical zone

Its image is stylized after Provence and Italian styles. Here, you will find surfaces and spatial elements that compose well with the climate of hot sunny Mediterranean landscapes, and also are reminiscent of the lavender smell of southern France.
The stony and rocky architecture characteristic for Provence was reflected in the Libet Designed garden both in the arch-decorated entrance, effective small walls, partitions, terraces wide stairs and elevated spaces.

It also includes a cellar, since Provence is a land not only associated with lavender and thyme but also great wine. The careless lines, water fountains, concrete flower pots and cases for plants, surfaces associated with sun-warmed earth are also elements that could be classified as Italian classics that fill the landscape with pleasantly warm ambiance. This area features many pastel colors and oozes a natural Mediterranean landscape.

Modern zone

It was dominated by a wide palette of gray and large format terraces tiles and pavement blocks both on the surface as well as on the spatial modules. This image is filled by geometric shapes of small architecture adding to it an elegant touch.

Geometric – gray facade of modernity is not only unified or boring. Just the opposite – it impresses with diversity of shades, richness of forms and non-standard solutions, suggestive play on emotions and aesthetic impressions. Here, we can see on our own eyes how many shades of gray there actually are, since in an ideal harmony one must include both the light shades – gray, bianco carrara, beige, as well as darker ones – titanium, anthracite, graphite or grigio.

The big sizes of tiles and blocks are also appealing since when combined in interesting configurations they attract the eye and attention just as the steps and elevated walls. Modern arrangements of the garden in Libiąż prove also that the tiles and the blocks are a perfect material for building benches and even summer-style interiors e.g. kitchen or grilling places. In such spaces, the elements of the architectural concrete constitute a fantastic decoration.

Rustic zone

This zone is appealing in its decorative nature and references to rural styles known from their grandma-like gardens or vacation outside the town. Warmth, friendship and safety – an atmosphere that is the dream of city dwellers tired of their daily routine.
The most expressive accent of the rustic zone of the garden is the so-called dry river, i.e. a modest stream whispering in rural gardens.
Its costal line is imitated by stockade and elements (prepared using the splitting method) in warm pastel colors, while the bottom is strewn with pebbles of different sizes. The river freely and slightly lazily meanders and – in the process – becomes an axis for the garden’s arrangement that separates the spaces arranged in different styles.

The rustic zone radiates with warmth of a fireplace, all is reminiscent of idyllic images and memories of happy childhood. The used blocks have an antiquated and rough surface and irregular porous bricks and stockades reminiscent of broken stone, which even stronger affects our senses and emotions.

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