Exhibition Garden in Łódź

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The design of the garden on a surface of over 2500 m²

Original arrangements are used in the garden’s design and include, among other things, latest products in the Libet’s offer.

Exceptional stylistic zones – urban, rustic, modern and thematic: water, galactic, zen and several other present a very interesting frequently non-standard solutions. You may see for yourself how stylistically suited the concrete forms may be to the surroundings. Over 2500 m2 of inspirations await you.

Urban zone

This part of the garden opens an entire exhibition presenting several ideas of arrangements of the surroundings in an Urban space.
Creative use of the territory underlines the character of the place increasing the aesthetic and utilitarian value of the urban landscape. An example of monochromatic arrangement bear evidence to latest trends that underline the obvious value of such arrangements. Clean graphic drawing of the surface divides the space into different zones. All elements supporting the slopes underline the differences in levels. Pavement blocks and terrace tiles with natural aggregates give elegance to even the simplest arrangement. However, in this case the designer went a step further. Encouraging city dwellers and their parents to interact or even giving them an idea of how to spend free time. Chess on fresh air, playing hopscotch or tag around a ball or hide and seek made easier by the large scale screens, are only some of the available open air activities.

Modern zone

Sizable simple forms, monochromatic colors are the features ascribed to modern, minimalist style. After years of being out of favor, gray returns into all facilities and spaces. This time, color gray triumphs in the best possible way. Different shades of gray as well as textures – from white to dark graphite, from smooth to rough surface – all bring interesting tones to seemingly ascetic arrangements.

Rustic zone

Comforting and familiar house with a garden was the inspiration for the rustic zone. Golden and peaty brown circles made of stone accompany the sandy surfaces of the terrace. Green tree crowns ensure a pleasant shade and reddish bushes harmonize well with the shades of landscape architecture. Spitted bricks and stones from the Libet Completto collection have a natural looks of broken stone. This feature perfectly fits into the romantic mood of the garden. The charm of the composition is enhanced by a small swing set.

Garden zone

Nature is one of the most important element of arrangements in the garden or a park. Greenery, in order to evoke admiration needs to grow under constant control and care. In the garden zone, the order is kept by high spitted stockades, which decisively set out the borders of the wide path. The densely arranged posts created a compact wall, which separates the lawn and clumps of grass from the lavish alleyways. Golden, warm color of pathways and their smooth lines define the rural, pathway-style of the garden. This manner of organizing spaces is perfect also in bigger areas e.g. in city parks.

ZEN zone

Minimalist gardens in the ZEN style appear today primarily in close to modern architecture of concrete and glass. Simplicity, wisely used means of expression and symbolism are all characteristic for the one hundred year old manner of arranging gardens – perfectly suitable in modern interpretations. Resignation from all embellishments and unnecessary decorations is the essence of Zen, which tells us to accept the world as it is. Plant compositions, water, rocks are all characterized by harmony and elegance and, at the same time, teach us respect to nature. Turquoise glass trapped in the gabion symbolizes water. It is accompanied by simple forms of bright stone. Ordered greenery stresses the presence of earth. The entire composition creates a peaceful place – modern arrangement in the ZEN style.

Galactic corner

The main hero of the galactic arrangement is the popular small Piccola block. The system of trapezoidal blocks makes it possible to generate arches and circles with any radius that easily form arrangements that are only limited by the designer’s imagination. Ornamental spheres-planets are mainly garden lamps, but one of them – a semi-sphere is located the middle of the set – it was made of architectural concrete from the Libet STAMP collection. The galactic stylization also uses the spitted stockades that form the small wall around the terrace – in the front, they were arranged in a non-standard way – horizontally. Thanks to this procedure the framework of the galactic corner is emphasized by the drawing on the surface.

The FENG SHUI corner

Water in motion symbolizes the life-giving energy, which helps achieve fortune and personal happiness. In feng shui, this symbol is best underlined by the slowly flowing stream. Water in motion, rounded shapes of the pathways as well as elements of landscape architecture are the basis for the free flow of positive energy in the garden. Warm colors of broken stones and the surface made of hewn tiles with sandstone texture in a harmonious way completes the unpretentious arrangement of this part of the garden. The magical corner is filled by a Ribbon Endless sculpture – symbol of infinity.

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