About us

Libet company is the leader of the Polish paving block market.

We utilize the best patterns and solutions of modern technologies and quality of products, which translates into the quality of our products.

Our mission is the ingenious creation of the surrounding environment. We want to ensure that places that are important and close to us are beautiful and functional. Therefore, the richness of shapes, colors and surface patterns are a characteristic feature of our products. This enables the realization of non-standard solutions, which stresses the character of the house and the surroundings.

Our offer includes also professional consultancy. Over 1000 investments have already been realized on the basis of the designs of our architects – among them many arrangements of private residences as well as urban facility infrastructure. Their knowledge and experience will help you select the proper materials and use them effectively. Thanks to the surface design plans you will have a guarantee that the generated arrangement will be a harmonious ornament to every house or facility.

Libet - Producent Kostki Brukowej