Become a supplier

In contacts with our Suppliers we rely on principles, which shall ensure optimization of costs and guarantee efficiency and confidentiality of information which, in effect, combined with the knowledge and experience of our business partners, shall have a positive influence on our products.

The key quality criteria for cooperation include:

  • Best required quality in relation to price
  • Observance of supply deadlines and reliability
  • High readiness to cooperate and provide servicing
  • Maintaining long term trade contacts
  • Proposing new technological solutions

All interested suppliers, who are able to file a competing offer that corresponds to the requirements of the Libet Group are welcomed to cooperate.

Currently we are looking for tenders especially for the below mentioned product groups:

  • Resources for the production of: sand, grit, concrete additives
  • Packaging: stretch type foil, big bag sacks, tape with logo, palettes, wood
  • Consumables: machine parts, electric parts, parts for forklifts and loaders, diesel fuel, oils and smears, forms
  • Transportation services: dump trucks, open trailers with sides
  • Marketing – advertising services
  • Remaining: electric energy, security services, Health and Safety products, office materials

All offers sent to our company go to the internal base of potential Suppliers of materials / goods / services. We respond if there is the need to take up cooperation.

Libet - Producent Kostki Brukowej