1 Basic issues
The rules contained herein have been prepared by LIBET in order to avoid accidents and ill health not only of our employees but all people involved
in the activities of our company.

The Contractor and its employees are all the time obliged to comply with the occupational health and safety regulations, the environmental protection and any safety requirements that LIBET plant manager deems appropriate. The Contractor shall also, at its own expense, take all precautions to assure safety of its and other employees, third parties and all those residing in the plant, and on whom the activities of the contractors can influence.

2 Introduction to the plant
2.1 Consultation before starting work. Before starting work, the Contractor shall contact the manager of the plant in order to discuss all aspects of occupational health and safety and the environment concerning the Agreement. The scope of consultation shall vary depending on the scope, nature and complexity of the works However, in any case, the plant manager shall provide the Contractor with the information about the rules in force at the plant and shall provide the work permit.

2.2 Work permit
Any work executed by the employees of the contractor on the area of LIBET plant requires development of the written work permit (except for the carriers). Each employee of the contractor shall be acquainted with the work permit,
and shall confirm this fact with its signature on the permit. The employees of the contractors shall be obliged to comply with the rules included in the permit.

2.3 Occupational health and safety training and risk assessment
The contractor shall be obliged to inform its employees about any hazards existing in the workplace, regardless of whether they occur in the plant or elsewhere. In addition, the contractor shall be responsible for adequate training of the employees and supervision over compliance with the standards specified by the OHS law or the local safety rules.

The contractor shall confirm the held OHS training in the plant providing the plant manager with the list of the employees with their signatures.

2.4 Coordination of the occupational health and safety issues
The contractor and the plant manager shall agree the place
and frequency of the meetings related to consultations of the OHS issues during the works. In addition, it shall appoint the persons participating in the meetings on behalf of it.
Each meeting shall be documented.

3 The contractor’s employees
3.1 Supervision over the employees
The contractor shall, for the entire duration of the agreement, assure that its activities are under control
and supervision of the person (“Supervisor”) approved by
plant manager, who has been trained in terms of the OHS appropriate for the work. Before starting work, the Contractor shall provide the plant manager with the name of its Supervisor and at special request it shall provide the written evidence stating that the person has been trained in terms of OHS.

3.2 Examinations and powers
The contractor shall demonstrate the plant manager that its employees have appropriate qualifications to execute their duties and tasks. It is executed by providing LIBET plant manager, before starting work, with the copy of the powers of its employees.

3.3 Personal protection equipment
As a minimum in the plant, the contractor’s employees shall

• helmet,
• bright clothing (yellow, orange – providing visibility of the employee) or reflective vest that meets the requirements of DIN EN 471,
• full working boots with toes.
In the places marked with the sign of obligation to use the personal protective equipment, and in cases specified by the risk assessment, the contractor’s employees are obliged to use the appropriate personal protective equipment. The contractor shall provide its employees with the personal protective equipment.

3.4 Alcohol and drugs
Bringing and using alcohol and drugs in LIBET plant
is strictly prohibited. Staying in LIBET plant of people under influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited. The contractor and all its employees shall agree to be controlled in terms of sobriety by the employees of LIBET, when working for LIBET.

4 The contractor’s equipment
4.1 Responsibility for the equipment
All equipment (tools, devices, machines) transported to LIBET plant shall be of the proper structure, properly maintained and all necessary tests shall be executed. The documentation shall be available on request of the plant manager. The equipment shall be operated and controlled by a competent person with the appropriate permissions. Using the equipment by unauthorized personnel is prohibited. If the equipment is operated by an unauthorized person, it may be removed from the plant.

4.2 The equipment prohibited in the plant
In the area of LIBET using of the following is prohibited:

• explosives
• tools for cartridges
• chainsaws
• devices and tools without guards and security systems

4.3 Hazardous substances
Using of health hazardous substances shall be restricted to a minimum. The contractor, when working with hazardous substances, shall provide the plant manager with the list of these substances and the SDS before starting work. All rules of execution and the equipment (including personal protective equipment) resulting from the SDS shall be respected and applied.

5 The works considered particularly
5.1 Golden Rules
In the area of LIBET plant all employees, contractors and visitors shall apply the Golden Rules. They describe the procedure for executing the works, which most often lead to serious and fatal accidents. The contractor shall provide its employees with the document of the Golden Rules and accordingly document this fact. The Golden Rules are described in a separate document.

5.2 The works prohibited in the plant
In the area of LIBET the following works are prohibited:

• associated with removal, installation, or
processing of asbestos
• with open fire
• live (no power-off)
• in the vicinity of high and medium voltage lines
• related to towing the vehicles

5.3 The works requiring the consent of the plant manager The following works may be executed in the area of LIBET plant provided that execution have been agreed with the plant manager:

• welding works
• all construction works (especially during
continuous operation of the plant)
• works executed on ladders, scaffolds and roofs
of the buildings
• works executed in excavations deeper than 1 m
• repair of the devices and construction machines and the contractor’s vehicles

6 The environment
6.1 Hazardous substances
Using of the environmentally hazardous substances shall be restricted to a minimum and controlled. The contractor using the hazardous substances during work shall be obliged to inform the plant manager about this fact. All rules of execution
and equipment resulting from the SDSs of the substance shall be respected and applied.

6.2 Waste
Disposal of waste shall be in accordance with the requirements of the Polish environmental law. The appropriate documentation (waste transfer sheets, records of waste) shall be provided on request of the plant manager.

The Contractor shall assure compliance with the principle of responsibility for waste generated in the area of waste. The Contractor, as waste generator during execution of the works, shall be responsible for proper disposal. Leaving waste in the area of the plant is possible only after consultation with the
local management.

6.3 Dust, noise and vibrations
Dust, noise and vibrations may be the reason for complaints, particularly in the residential areas. It is necessary to install and use the correct equipment that reduces emission of noise and dust. Do not leave the equipment operating unnecessarily.

If you have any questions, please contact our OHS Department.
Zygmunt Gustowski, phone 602-68-25-52

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