Environmental policy


Activities of the company, apart from engagement in particular product offer and high quality includes also: appropriate approach to the influence on natural environment, ethical conduct in business relations and engagement in the life of local communicates.

Influence on the natural environment

Control of energy consumption during concrete production includes every relevant element of that process. For better effectiveness we continuously analyze the level of energy and fuel consumption through machines and devices. Older and energy consuming electric engines are exchanged into new ones – cleaner and more efficient ones. Emphasis is placed even on logistics and optimal route selection for forklifts so that they use as little energy as possible.
Fewer waste goes to landfill sites. In each depot we conduct a waste management policy, which includes among other things, their segregation and recovery of packaging. The facilities have also a recyclable waste collection guarantee. The patented ecological and efficient method applied by us has significant influence on limiting the use of foil for securing pallets (even up to 70%!). Foil sheets that separate the layers of blocks on the pallets were replaced by granulates made of recycled plastics.
In the course of the last four years we have reduced the drinking water consumption for concrete manufacturing process, using groundwater for this purpose from specially dug out wells. Simultaneously, we have built and improved the water recycling system for washed pavement block production facilities. It is worth observing that the prepared sedimentation system is an original and unique solution.

Business ethics

Libet, as a company, has always and in any situation been trying to conduct a fair business – both in relation to customers, employees as well as organizations cooperating with the company. This translates into everyday openness, honesty reliability and observance of consumer rights and principles of free competition. The effectiveness of these efforts is born out by awards, even those granted to us recently – SOLIDNA FIRMA, PRZEDSIĘBIORSTWO FAIR PLAY, SOLIDNY PRACODAWCA, JAKOŚĆ ROKU 2010.

Close to local communities

In each area that we operate we cooperate with local authorities, self-governments or municipal offices. We maintain good relations primarily by participating in local social initiatives and support in socially sensitive matters. We make donations in the form of our own products helping non-profit organizations. We help schools, foster homes, foundations and other aid and relief facilities every year broadening the circle of social benefit organizations we provided help to.

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