The terrace is one of the best places in our house. The entrance to the garden where we can rest among the members of the family, eat a delicious meal among friends or relax while reading a good book and coffee after a hard day.

It is extremely important to select the material correctly from which we shall make our terrace. In order for it to serve us for long years we should decide to have building material that is lasting, functional and resistant to extreme atmospheric conditions. It is equally important to match its looks to the style in which the house garden is maintained. All these features are combined perfectly by elegant pavement block which is solid and durable but also beautiful and easy to use and owing to a whole range of available patterns, colors and shapes – also possible to use in any arrangement.

Terraces made of pavement blocks are an ideal solution for those who appreciate functionality and safety. Pavement block is an extremely lasting and resistant material that can tolerate any atmospheric conditions and its slightly rough surface protects against accidental slips. Thanks to an array of available patterns, colors and shapes the Libet Decco pavement block will compose well with both the classic as well as modern spaces. If you prefer rock terraces it is worth to have a look at the Libet Impressio or Patio line. Their shape perfectly blends in with the spacious terraces and gardens offering great possibilities to prepare interesting arrangements. All sunny colored tiles and original textures are modeled on natural stones or simply are stones themselves. Modern terrace tiles are characterized by durability which makes them a beautiful and practical material. They are resistant, easy to place and maintain and thanks to the use of impregnation – resistant to getting permanently dirty.

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