A truly welcoming house can not exist without a driveway. A driveway is an invitation, a road sign that shows the way to our own place here on earth. It is a prelude to relax or have a good time – for guests, family and friends.

Designing a driveway we have to remember about making it not only aesthetic but, first of all, making it fulfill its role. Pavement block fulfills its role as a building block perfectly. Thanks to its properties and the used material it shall serve the owners for long years. A pavement bloc square is durable and resistant both to extreme atmospheric conditions as well as external forces e.g. pressure exerted by the cars. Pavement blocks are very simple to maintain and they are resistant to permanent dirt. It is also a perfect solution for those who do not like humidity – properly placed pavement block guarantees the flow of rainwater to the ground, eliminating the risk of puddles.

Different designs of pavement blocks offered by Libet offer infinite arrangements possibilities. Significant number of shapes, sizes and colors allows to create an exceptional surroundings of every residence the ambiance of which reflects the house arrangement and nature of its owners. Particular pavement blocks may be mixed together obtaining in this way completely new original surfaces. To the construction of an elegant and lasting driveway it is best to use the elegant Decco pavement bloc. We encourage you to view the video materials and arrangement pictures.

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