Garden pathways

Pavement block perfectly harmonizes with green spaces around the house. Libet has in its offer specially designed products, the use of which makes garden paths a comfortable, permanent and aesthetic completion of the house being an oasis of peace.

Pavement tiles and the garden stone is not only comfortable in use, durability and functionality but also its unusual design and wide palette of colors and shapes. Thanks to the use of Libet products the garden paths shall acquire an exceptional character, ideally blend with the rest of the house of terrace arrangement. Regardless if you want to go with timeless classics, cozy Mediterranean style or modern elegance, Libet products shall allow you to obtain exceptional climate of the garden making it a place in which you will rest with pleasure after a hard day’s work. Additionally, it will help you relax in your free time.

The Libet offer includes also a wide range of edge products, which shall perfectly work as landscaping architecture elements such as retaining walls, stairs and curbs. These fulfill not only aesthetic but also security function. They protect the edges of slopes from land slides and prevent the pollution of roads and pathways. Garden paths surrounded with edges acquire exceptional character, just as a picture framed in a chic elegant frame.

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