While arranging the space around the house one must not forget the stairs. To ensure that weather conditions or temperature does not affect the material we need to make sure that we pick it correctly.

Pavement blocks shall ensure lasting and functional stairs. Its high functionality and resistance to the external environment as well as easy maintenance shall make it an ideal building block to be used in designing the house’s surroundings. It is worth paying attention to the sandstone blocks, which shall grant the stairs a touch of elegance and timeless chick. Both the pavement block as well as the sandstone blocks, apart from aesthetic values and high durability are exceptionally easy in maintenance. Thanks to periodically conducted impregnation they are resistant to dirt, extreme temperatures or atmospheric conditions.

Deciding to select these Libet products it is worth paying attention to the Decco collection which is ideal as stair building material. This exceptionally elegant pavement block, designed to sustain any conditions. Thanks to interesting natural textures and colors it blends perfectly with other elements of the surroundings making the stairs not only the perfect functional but also aesthetic solution. A wide range of the Libet products makes in possible to design stairs adjusted to own preferences, surroundings and facade of the house. Elegant Decco pavement block is perfectly in tune with other Libet collections creating unique patterns which will enrapture you and your friends or customers.

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