Selective blasting

Details make the entire arrangement complete and enrich the places where we spend most of our time.

We pay increasingly bigger attention to the looks of our surroundings; we have learned to analyze the successful work of architects and designers. We appreciate new ideas and approach them with enthusiasm. We track creative solutions, which make life easy and improve our everyday lives. Patterns performed with the use of the tile blasting method are a new proposal offered by the Libet company. Un-washable designs are original, effective and, most importantly, durable.

Create friendly space with us

Ideas, functionality and safety are the most important values of spatial development around schools and kindergartens. Attention to aesthetic details around those places evokes joy and trust of parents. It is important to ensure comfortable space for learning and having fun to the young ones. The surface of the school or kindergarten complemented by hopscotch drawings will certainly make all small children happy.

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