2in1 concrete glue

Libet products are not make up beautiful surfaces, paths, terraces or stairs. Elements of small architecture made of e.g. Libet Completto line are a perfect completion of the arrangement made of glass setts or terrace tiles. Flexible aesthetics, small walls and flower-pot stands constitute functional solutions with undisputed visual values. They are ideal for underlining selected elements or separating particular zones in the garden.

Libet concrete glue 2in1 makes it possible for everybody to independently create original elements of the surrounding arrangements without the necessity to mix together cement glues. It is a single component, colorless sealant-glue on a polymer basis, hardening under the influence of moisture in the air or glued elements. It is mainly used for joining the Libet Completto products. The whole process is extremely easy and quick, it does not require special preparation – it is enough to clean the surface and use the appropriate cartridge applicator.

Libet concrete glue 2in1 is perfect in the case of building and sealing fences and reinforced walls as well as creating low walls and flower-pots (e.g. from garden stone, split brick, Natulit Massimo sett, split palisade laid horizontally, gazons).

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