Impregnation and jointing of terrace tiles


Impregnation is about soaking the concrete surface with special chemical preparation which gives it securing properties from negative external conditions. Its effect is the invisible layer, which minimizes the soaking properties of the surface and reduces the permeation of water and such substances as motor oils, edible oils, drinks, coffee and alcohol and, therefore, limits the creation of stains. The important advantages include also the limiting of the risk of efflorescence and green-patches, eliminating weeds and moss. Impregnation may also beneficially influence the frost-resistance of the tiles.

Proper measures and appropriately conducted impregnation process are necessary for a well-performed impregnation. With this in mind, we have prepared a Libet Impregnant, based on fluorine which is devoted to concrete, vibro-pressed surfaces and wet-cast tiles. It has the form of white fluid and is available in 2 and 5 kg containers. The use of impregnation depends on the structure and permeability of the surface as well as the method of application and amounts to 150-300 g/square meters. During application the product permeates into the pores of the concrete surface. After drying, it is invisible and the appearance of the secured surface remains unchanged. Thanks to a specially prepared impregnation formula it does not have the wet or moist surface effect.

Concrete surface requires two-time impregnation. After performance of impregnation it is recommended to use gloves, glasses and protective clothing. The surface should be clean, dry, devoid of dust and other dirt. Impregnation may be applied with a brush, roller gun or low-pressure shower. To obtain the proper protection effect it is important to equally distribute the preparation. It is not possible to let the surface dry before applying the impregnation – surface is then safe and does not absorb a new portion of the preparation. During the impregnation procedure, as well as after it is finished until surface is totally dry, it is necessary to protect it against excessive sunlight and rainfall. It is ready for use after 24 hours.

One needs to remember that impregnation is performed before the jointing process, which may be conducted after around 24-48 hours.


The durability of the surface made of concrete terrace tiles is influenced by the used binding agent and the properly performed jointing. Errors committed at this stage of work may contribute to e.g. splinters of the edges of particular elements as well as may negatively influence the stability and the carrying of the burden.

To fill in the gaps between the tiles, fine rinsed sand is used or – in the case of the surfaces made using the dry method or surface with considerable slope – resin preparations. The advantages of using ready made jointing is e.g. no risk of flushing of the filling and the necessity to remove plants growing between the tiles, it is also easier to maintain the surface clean – it may be swept and washed with a mop or a pressure washer with a rotating device.

We recommend the Libet resin jointing for terrace tiles. It is both resistant to high and low temperatures, moisture and, at the same time, is exceptionally flexible. It creates a water permeable and freeze-resistant surface it does not leave stains on the tile’s surface.

Therefore, Libet Jointing is a product that is simple to prepare – does not require mixing, is self-congesting, the silt may be removed with water without loosing durability and it is easy to apply. After finishing jointing it is necessary to remove the remnants of the mortar. Resin jointing is not applied in wet-constructed surfaces (in concrete leveling). Since it is a water-permeating product, moisture permeating through jointing could be destructive to the insulation and glue layer.


  • ready for use, does not require mixing,
  • possibility of dry jointing,
  • possibility of silt removal with water without loss of durability,
  • the mortar does not have to be congested manually it is self-congesting,
  • possibility to work in light rain conditions,
  • does not leave remnants of resin on the surface.


  • is not carried home on shoe soles,
  • is water permeable but the water does not wash it out,
  • is stable, does not require additional corrective work,
  • no weeds.

Libet Jointing in a 25 kg packaging is available in three colors: silver-grey, sandy and basalt.

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