Maintenance of the surface of the pavement blocks is about regular sweeping, periodic washing with water, removing dirt and filling the joints.

Apart from that, the surface made of concrete blocks does not require any special maintenance.

During regular periodic work around the house, cleaning of the pavement block could be made easier by the use of special devices for this type of work.

During the maintenance of surfaces made of concrete blocks or terrace tiles one should also apply concrete-impregnating chemical substances. Most of them decrease the permeability of the block surface or intensify its color. The market offer is broad, apart from internationally available products or domestic products there are also those distributed locally. It is recommended to ask the paver about a verified product. Before impregnating the surface it is recommended to make a micro trial.

In the winter period it is vital to avoid removing the snow or ice with sharp tools which can damage particular blocks. It is allowed to use de-icing products, but their intensive use may contribute to the change of concrete color (may cause peeling off of the external layer).