Time for gres tiles

resistance to the changing atmospheric conditions,
significant resistance – up to 1 ton,
resistance to chemical substances and salt,
no soaking – resistance to stains,
does not require special care – easy to maintain clean,
high anti-slip coefficient,
easy to assemble,
easy to dismantle.

Gres tiles are an attractive and exceptionally functional product with an universal use both outside as well as inside buildings. Surfaces made of it are durable and elegant and are not subjected to the effects of the passing of time while maintaining fresh and elegant appearance. It is a good alternative for all those looking for original ideas and solutions for their homes and gardens.


Exclusive Aristoni and Sedimento Libet tiles have fantastic performance parameters. They are an effect of joining high class resources and innovative production technology. Such tiles are hard – resistant to pressure of up to 1 ton despite being only 2 cm thick, they are resistant to abrasion as well as accidental scratches. Virtually zero-soaking makes them resistant to the formation of fluid stains such as coffee, tea juices. If liquids spill, however, they are easy to remove and – what is important – do not cause discoloration on the surface. Gres tiles are also freeze – resistant and not sensitive to changing weather conditions, thanks to which they are perfect for places that are especially exposed to moisture. While the high anti-slip coefficient (R11) ensures users safety even in intense exploitation.

Practical advantages of gres tiles are the easy and quick installation. They may be placed using each of the known techniques – from gluing to placing on sand and gravel to creating surfaces on high, low bearers and even placing almost directly on the grass. Technical parameters make the Aristoni and Sedimento tiles perform great on building facades. Tiles are perfect as regards size so they are ideally equal and can be placed with minimum application of jointing.



An undisputed value is the exceptional aesthetics of gres tiles from the Libet Ceramic line. Their color and pleasant rough structure makes them very similar to granite stone Colors of

particular tiles are slightly different from each other which gives us a diverse effect just as in the case of surface materials. Surfaces created of these materials are both natural and very elegant. They represent a prominent modern style, which is embodied by their square shape and significant sizes. Tiles are offered in two sizes 60×60 cm and 90×90 cm and thickness of only 2 cm. Additionally, they are surface-dyed, which significantly elevates their aesthetics especially on side surfaces. Thanks to this they can be used on stairs, terrace finishes etc.

The unique properties of gres tiles from the Libet Ceramic line as well as their unique design allow for them to be used on the outside and inside houses, residences or palaces. They are recommended, first of all, for creating elegant surfaces of terraces, patios, balconies as well as paving swimming pools and facades of buildings. In interiors, however, they look effectively as floor and stair lining, contributing to co-creating an original climate. The terrace, which almost “enters” the living room looks particularly elegant. Therefore, while looking for original solutions for the dream house with a garden, it is worth to invest in Aristoni and Sedimento gres tiles from the Libet Ceramic line.